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Name:Faces in the Crowd
Website:Insanejournal Mirror
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Community description:Rare icons and PBs
Faces in the Crowd


This is the icon journal of [personal profile] mythicgeek and [personal profile] yabamena. We'll be posting icons of people we have used for PBs or would like to or are just not seen around. We both tend to play males way more than females so there will be many more male PBs than female here. We sort of specialize in unusual PBs or popular ones from unusual eras. We only have a few rules, but please heed them.

1. Everything must be credited to the community [community profile] facesinthecrowd. We know we're just cropping pics and who really needs credit for a 2-second job? All we really want is a link back here so other people can find our icons as well.

2. You may alter the icons but please still link back to us, if only to spread the unusual PB love.

3. Hot-linking sucks. A lot. Don't do it.

4. Pretty please comment if you're taking anything, and feel free to link to the journal you'll be using them at. We like to know we're appreciated, and we'd to see what people use the icons for! We've discovered some great games that way!

That's it! These icons will be of people we've used for PBs, would like to use, or just don't see around often. Thus, the files names may be named after characters, if there was any question/confusion on that.

Thanks, and enjoy!!

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